About Us

Lintas Samudra Borneo Line (Linsa) was established in 2006 as a subsidiary of Puninar Logistics, which is a part of Triputra Group. Linsa operates several types of vessels: oil tanker, SPOB (Self Propelled Oil Barge), oil barges, tug boats, floating storage and offloading (FSO), and serves domestic routes from rivers to seas.

Vessels of Linsa have high safety standards and verified SIRE / BIRE by IMT, which is one of the most significant safety initiative introduced by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF). Linsa's membership in INSA and status as a ship operator with registration number 14852 have both been confirmed by OCIMF.

And since 2006, our customer base has grown significantly from local companies, public listed companies, and major global oil companies (Top 5 in the industry).

Our commitment to continuous improvement has been proven by our success in quality control contests from the corporate to the national level, therefore we were awarded a platinum level.

Our Vision & Mission


To Be The Leading Supply Chain Business in Energy and Mineral Resources Industry in Indonesia.


Delivering World-Class Supply Chain Business in Energy and Mineral Resources Industry, To Add Value to Our Customers and Partners.

Explore Our DNA


To live a life of honesty and transparency. Walk the talk. Do not blame others. Do what you have to do, not what you want to do. Speak by data.


To give more than expected under any circumstance. Disciplined execution, continuous improvement, and innovation. Never give up and play to win.



To be a person with humility, openness, and in constant improvement. Egoless and open-minded. Express gratitude and appreciations.



To give humanity a nobler cause than one's own. Care with the truthful act. Nurturing for the greater good.